Soloing and You: A Guide

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Soloing and You: A Guide Empty Soloing and You: A Guide

Post  Edelweiss on Sat May 21, 2011 5:23 am

I was bored so I decided to write some things about soloing at T2 and beyond.

DISCLAIMER: These tactics are things that've worked for me. They may not work with your playstyle/You may disagree with some of the points I make.


I personally use swords and swords only. The only time I really pull out my gun (Callahan) is when I want to feel badass or get a stun debuff on something, usually the big log construct things or the gremlin healers. If you want to solo effectively and efficiently, try to cover your bases in terms of extra damage you can do with Shadow, Piercing, and Elemental. This means you probably want to unlock at least one of the weapons slots with 250 CE. My weapons of choice, and the situations/enemies I use them against are the following:
Dread Venom Striker - I use this against gun puppies, Fiends, and big, slow enemies (Trojans and Log constructs)
Divine Avenger - Undead, Constructs, Fiends, and situations where I get mobbed by 10+ monsters and I do as much dmg as I can pump out with the charge attack.
Faust - Jellies, Gremlins, and situations where I get mobbed by 10+ monsters that have a healer with them. The charge attack has a fairly good chance of curse, so if I can curse one while doing a bunch of dmg to other monsters, my day is set. (Note: The self-curse effect from Faust will only curse 2 of your weapons, so if you have 3+ weapons, you will still be able to fight during the time you are cursed.)

Bombs are also extremely useful. The two best ones (IMHO) are the Shivermist and the Fire Haze Bomb. These two in tandem is almost a combo come true as one gives you a lot of control over the mobs while the other gives a good source of damage from the fire debuff.

Guns are very hard to use in T3. I use my Callahan on wolvers every now and then, but since nearly everything at T3 can dodge or block gunfire, the use of it becomes very situational and requires a lot of finesse to use.

To be continued, as I am too tired to finish this up right now.

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