New Officer promotions and upcoming events!

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New Officer promotions and upcoming events! Empty New Officer promotions and upcoming events!

Post  Caelifer on Mon May 23, 2011 2:51 pm

Greetings, Oathkeepers!

As you may or may not know, an announcement was made on the evening of May 23rd by Officer Mary-Six. To those who were not online at the time it was made, I shall repeat said announcement here:

Firstly, we are pleased to announce that the Jelly King Gate Project has been revived! Come the subsequent Jelly King gate launching on June the 1st, we will see to it that the gate is filled with nothing but slimes in the 3rd Stratum [Depths 9-12]! Until then, keep collecting Green and Yellow crystals in preparation for the launch!

For more information on the Gate construction process, refer to the wiki article here.

Next, I would like to direct your attention to this thread. In an effort to simplify the system used to help guildies find the recipes and materials they need, Mary-Six has created the Master List for your convenience (Thanks, Mary!). If you have a recipe you're looking for and wish to add it to the list, send it your request to any of the Officers, and we'll be sure to put it up there!

Also, Guywithaplan has a forum project in the works that most of you might enjoy. Be sure to look forward to that!

Finally, after reviewing all the applications for the two new Officer positions, as well as much careful deliberation among the Officer body, are pleased to welcome Kuubi and Ikial into the Officer ranks! We wholly encourage those who weren't chosen to reapply during our next round of Officer selections.

That is all for now, Guildies. Happy hunting!

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