AH very short price sniping

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AH very short price sniping

Post  Guyjin on Tue May 24, 2011 8:01 am

Useful for getting cheap mats people are just trying to dump for what ever they can get. Can get some good recipes that have not been noticed for sale or have not increased the price to a crazy range yet

Click any of the item groups then hit search, by default the very short ending auctions should be on the top allowing easy pickings of good sales Very Happy

For resellers here is the formula Ikial posted in another thread

Ikial wrote:To find the minimum price you must set at the AH to guarantee that you make your money back is 10p/9 where p is your principal investment.

*yes this may spam your inbox if you get in a bidding war*
**be careful not to run out of crowns either, since they get stuck on the mail until you accept them**

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