The Zen of Practiced Unidirectional Projectile Utilization

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The Zen of Practiced Unidirectional Projectile Utilization Empty The Zen of Practiced Unidirectional Projectile Utilization

Post  FoxNightscape on Fri Jun 17, 2011 6:25 pm

The Art of Practiced Unidirectional Projectile Utilization (PUPU, Pronounced Pew Pew)
By Veolen (AKA "That guy with the black hat")

The art of gunning is a Zen more then an exact science. I say this because when you dumb it down it sounds more like you're meditating then charging in with guns blazing. It's a more thought out approach, I would say. But I'm a gunner so I'll say anything to make it sound nifty.

First off, let me define what a gunner really is. It's someone who relies and has practiced with guns. It's not someone who carries ONLY guns, it's not someone who just wears gunslinger armor (But that does help a lot), and it's not someone who has multiple dinky guns to pew pew with. Nuh uh. A good gunner has one or two really good guns and knows how to use them. They can have a bomb or a sword as well, too.

Tangent: I'd actually recommend all gunners carry a sword or a bomb. Guns don't do the kind of raw damage as swords and in a crowded area like the Royal Jelly a gun is pretty much impossible to hit the target with. Swords let you get some hard damage in on things like oilers or mechaknights or quicksilvers that just annoy the hell out of you or things that block/dodge like mechaknights, wolvers, or gremlins that scoot around like their feet are on fire. Bombs let you bring some support to the party with a nice area freeze or flame or poison. Either way, diversity is nice. (Side note: I never see many people use the poison bomb. It's actually kinda sad. Anywho..)

The gunner's main role is support. Guns aren't the huge DPS power that people would like, but they can cause a good array of status effects from a distance. Realize in a team dynamic you're going to be sitting in the back and just shooting at certain enemies. Certain enemies being the operative words there: Gunners are not damage-crazy, unless they have their sword up. Guns are more surgical instruments to kill off certain annoyances. (Case in point: Gun Puppies.) That said, you'll usually be in the back and usually the last one alive if everyone else gets whomped. Make sure the gunner always has a pill, in case he needs to revive the team or gets backed into a corner and needs to shield himself out of harm's way. Just in case. Then he can get some distance and go back to picking off people. Don't be insulted if he doesn't revive you: A solo gunner needs his aggro to keep control of the monsters and their positions. Having someone else hauling half the mechaknights out one direction just means he'll get pincered and squished like a poor little jellycube. Aggro control is one of those advanced gunner things that makes a gunner really stand out, along with picking the right target.

What you pick off is up to you and your gun.

Tangent 2: With guns you basically have three flavors. You have the Drivers/Alchemers which have a two shot clip, elemental damage, Blaster with a three shot clip, normal, and the Antigua with a six shot clip, piercing and ele/shadow damage. You do have the Magnus with piercing damage, but I fit it with the Drivers for clip size and because you can't move while shooting it (A huge hazard when kiting). Pick your poison, really.

The Drivers are mostly used for status effects like freeze, fire, shock. Shadow Driver is nice for jellies and gremlins, I suppose, but the Prisma Driver... why? Seriously, why. Magnus does have a stun chance, which makes it pretty good as stun's a pretty hard hitting effect. But play around, see which gun you feel most comfortable using and which one you like the best. No one gun is better then the other. Especially if you use the Antigua line where 5/6 enemy types will give you grey damage.

Back onto what you're supposed to be shooting. The Drivers I recommend mostly for the fact Constructs are weak to elemental. Lumbers, Gun Puppies, Mechaknights, Twiggys. All of those are annoyances for everyone, and a good elemental gun will help exploit their weaknesses. Especially if you can freeze or shock (A frozen Gun Puppy is a Sad Puppy). You can usually grab aggro of the Lumbers or such to let your team get up behind and wail on them while you distract, too. Remember, support. That said if you're the last one alive or soloing, well. Show everyone else what gunners do best. XD

Another thing to keep in mind: Patience. Wait for the right shot. Mechaknight shields to go down, wolvers to get backed into a corner, lots of constructs crowded together for you to shoot a charged shot into and freeze the lot of them. That being said when there's no good standout target, shoot away to just deal damage. If you're running around more then shooting you're just being a wimp. You have the distance for a reason. Take your shots, get some more space between you and the target, then scoot back to reclaim that distance. Kiting, learn it, love it, do it.

Don't neglect your charge shot, either. Where swords have combos your gun has just two settings: Pew and Chargepew. No combos, no special last hits. Just Pew and ChargePew. ChargePew is sometimes killer, though. Drivers charge shot can hit the enemy, then split into smaller shots... which can damage the same enemy. Shooting a Hail Driver into a Lumber might not ensure a freeze entirely, but it will hurt him like hell when the charge damage and 2-4 extra splits of damage hit him. The Antigua line has the same multi-hit charge, either with the Silversix/Blackhawk bullet or the Owls of the Argent and Sentenza. More hits is more damage and more chance to kill the baddie before you get backed into a spike trap or a wall.

Shields. I get asked a lot about shields. I'm actually taking a closer look at them now (Or I would if the wiki was up). So I'll fill in the rest of this later.

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