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[Guide] Ironclaw Munitions Factory

Post  Zenrox on Tue Oct 11, 2011 6:03 pm

The guide is under completing... Just need time for editing materials lol!
[P/S:] Assignments and mid-terms flood in study so the update speed might evens slower, thanks for your patience!

"...and they never succeed at all."

Hello there, this is my first guide for online game so do understanding my weak explanation Surprised I will cover all about this boss stages, including some common sense/knowledge needed while doing the boss run.

Ironclaw Munitions Factory (IMF / ICMF) is the gremlin's factory for Project "Roarmulus" which producing Roarmulus Twins (the final boss of this level). This factory gains its fame because of random flying rockets all over the place (screw the gremlin designer!), so knights who going to challenge this boss should extremely aware the rockets to avoid being hit too much. But do not worry, this guide will show u how to duck those annoying rockets!

Construct and Shock Theme of this boss stage makes Elemental a very important defense. Here is the list for recommended defensive armors:
Magic set (Best set for IMF)
Surge Breaker set (uncommon)
Typical set like wolver/cobalt/jelly etc. are still durable while you know how to dodge. Better armors just allow you make mistakes without taking heavy damage.

However, shield in these stages are far more important than armor in terms of repel damages.
Shield bumping and block rockets can safe you a lot of times.
In IMF, Owlite Shield (and its upgrades) is the best shield for the knights. Very Happy
For more experienced knights, grab Swiftstrike Buckler (can only tank 2 rockets before it breaks) or Bristling Buckler for the additional bonus.

The recommended weapon:
Almost every types of weapons are okay except PIECING weapon and also you know you are not going to supercharged the quicksilvers by those weapons cause Shock, for example: Voltech Alchemer, Shocking Edge , charge attack of Shockbust Brandish etc.

To make the fights simple, these spoons and forks will help you:
Nightblade for quicksilver/gremlins, deals normal damage to all enemies in IMF
3-lines of elemental Brandish for constructs, normal damage on quicksilver and less damage on gremlins.
No extra slots for weapons? Calibur which deals normal damage to all type of elements is your friend.

Although the 4 alchemer-line guns which deal elemental damage, the ricochets will be a pain since it triggered the switch randomly, so choose it if you know how to skip it.

Crowd Control? Grab a Freezing Vaporizer can stop enemies movement in tight areas (which is common in IMF). It also very useful on dealing the Surgebots during the boss battle.

[ still pending...]

Exclamation Preparation
Arrow Rockets and electrics in this stage will cause some massive lags/delay during game-play, so make sure that set the graphic level to the lowest before attempt it.
Arrow IMF is an unpopular stages unlike Royal Jelly, mostly players would just complete D14 (if that's arena) and return to Haven. To complete a successful run, ask around the party when inside the terminal to ensure that your party will attempt the twins.
Arrow Someone hit the switch again after you did, the whole party stuck inside there and get hit by rockets/laser, everybody mad!
Compare to Royal Jelly run, some inexperience players will wipe out the whole party because this, so please make sure that ask someone who has the experience (at least more than 1 run) to become the-only-switchman during the whole run.


Depth 15 - Ironclaw Munitions Factory
Abandoned Assembly
Part A: The Beginning
Welcome to Ironclaw Munitions Factory! You're going to learn some features which you cannot found in other regions of clockworks!

"Oh well, something blocking our way in the entrance!"

If you trigger one of the red rocket explosive, put your shield up or running away from it.

"Uh, those annoying rocket launchers... but we have to go through it!"

Use the box for your cover, put your shield up if there is no way to hide.

"Half way of the straight road!"

"Oh Bob, I found something of interest."

The rocket launchers will stop functioning when you step on the green button. It is recommended that let 1 experience player disables the rocket launchers and the others stay at the beginning spot until whole machines stop. This is to minimize the total damage had taken of whole party.
And the switch, let the switch-man do their job!

"Heart Box! I feel some love."

For those who going solo IMF, ignore this heart box if you didn't get serious hurt at the beginning, it is useful afterward. For random party, they will just destroy the box merciless. Sad


Part B: Crossroad
"Crossroad! Which way should I go?"
Normally people will choose left side first, so I will follow it.

"Aha, target miss." clown

Try to shield bump the mobs to the corner and destroy them so that no one will hit the switch by accident.


Sure switch-man, hit this switch to continue Very Happy

"I'm very sure that the gremlins hate us so much." Mad

This is the trickiest path in crossroad, it seems that waves of rockets are fire to your direction but there is no rocket on the green path shows in pic 2. However, put all your hopes on your shield because you're unable to avoid damages during the elimination of the gun puppy stood at the middle of the path
(see pic 1).

{Party note}: Send 1 player to disable the machine
(step on the green button behind the gun puppy as shown below) and the others hide at the switch under green path to take cover

"Take cover! The gun puppy sniping me... nope, you!"

Timing is important. Find the gaps among the gun puppy's bullet, hit the switch and attack it using gun or charge it using melee weapon.

"It is surprising that I can run faster than rockets! How amazing!" Shocked

Even though you have press the green-rocket-disable-button at the end of path, the rockets are still there flying to you. Put your shield up after hit the ghost box. More safety? Wait all rockets disappear itself before continue.

"Ah! Ow! Ouch!"

This room contains 3 waves of monster. "|" means the switch gates.

-Wave 1-
___| Qucksilver x 1 | Voltrode x 1
_____|____________| Scutterbot x 1

-Wave 2-
Scutterbot x 1 | Quicksilver x 2 | Surgebot x 1
Volt Knight x 1 |_____________|___________

-Wave 3-
Surgebot x 1 | Quicksilver x 2 | Surgebot x 1
Ironclaw Mender x 1 __|_____________| Ironclaw Thwacker x 1

Apparently the left side is already done. Left one more gate to open at the right side!

"To the right, oh yeah!"

Voltrode and Scutterbot greet you at the beginning of right side...

"What a huge and blank pathway! Wait, something is not right..."

Preset a bomb before walk into party pad can soften the blocks (grey and red rockets explosive), need good timing.

"Owww we're being ambushed! And back-stabbed by rockets too!"

Shielding is very important here since there is no way to evade the red explosive in the pathway.

"I'm not microphone, stop 'bawww' me like that!"

Gun puppy is the 1st priority to be eliminate as always. Cool

"Take your time, look around."

Heart box is always nice (sometimes it is not here) but it is not worth costing 5 energy just for waking up those mecha-knights. Let them slumber forever!

"Knowledge of the terrain is the key to victory!"

Lure or shield bump the enemies inside the safe zone and maintain your fights inside the green area, simple. Smile

Rambo style training before attempt UICMF / UIMF: You can try maintains your fight inside the danger zone as the rocket launcher waves are predictable. This is because the safe zone of this room inside UIMF is only the party pad itself...

"Pew peww boom!"

There are 3 waves on this room too. Beware on the retrodes who love staying inside danger zone and snipe you. Mad

=Wave 1=
Gun puppy x1
Surgebot x1

=Wave 2=
Voltrode x1
Scutterbot x2

=Wave 3=
Retrode x2
Volt Knight x1
Gun puppy x1

":cough: The switch... Rolling Eyes ... is there... :cough:"

When we have met much more powerful enemies, how about those little flies?

"1 button, 1 gate."

You have clear the crossroad path, now you have to across the shocking tiles.

If you have left the heart box at the beginning, open the heart box now since you can't get it when step on next party pad.



Part C - The Hall

"I love the floor, it can make you in coma within second!"

Disable the shocking tiles by hitting those 2 red switches, and don't forget about the green button too!
{Party Note} Same technique, let 1 of an experience player do the disabling job, and the others stay behind until all job has done. You're not going to fall down here! Razz

"Where is the trains? I heard the horn sound!"

For bomb user, using freezing vaporizer is helpful here especially spam in at bottom of the switch. Do not drop the bomb too close to the switch though.

"I love to see the rockets kill their allies! Wait... is it?"

The rockets will launch when every single wave appear. If you ignore the present of quicksilver, soon enough the room will flooded with it. And make sure that you are not purposely shield bump them to the shock tiles too.

***Note that the wave has changed from updates, under construction on this section
_Wave 1_
Scutterbot x2 (Kill these enemies will trigger wave 2)
Quicksilver x2 (spawn on top, unaffected on wave when killed)

_Wave 2_
Ironclaw Thwacker x1, Scutterbot x2 (Kill these enemies will trigger wave 3)
Quicksilver x2 (spawn on top, unaffected on wave when killed)

_Wave 3_
Scutterbot x1 (Kill this enemy will trigger wave 4)
Quicksilver x4 (spawn on 4 corners with shock tiles, unaffected on wave when killed)

_Wave 4_
Scutterbot x1
Ironclaw Mender x1
Voltrode x1
Volt Knight x1

END OF Depth 15

Depth 16 - Ironclaw Munitions Factory
Warfare Workshop

Part A: Workshop Tunnel
The journey to the Roarmulus Twins is harder than The Journey to the West!
"Come on me bro!"

You can whack the tool case at the beginning of this depth searching for hearts. This applied on other clockworks too.

"You should laying down on the floor, it is more comfortable than fight meh!"

Beware on the splash attack of rockets when fighting.

"Cover me! My shield break!"

Pro-tip: When your teammate's shield broken, you can cover them like this. Very Happy

"Men at work, do not enter!"

This is to prevent the rockets interfered the fight inside this light room.

"Grab some snacks before battle!"

The section here is pretty random. Sometimes there is prize box and sometimes there's both!

"MY EYES!!! Owww my EYES!"

After all 3 button pressed, the light room is on!
Shield bump pre-caution: Do not purposely using shield bump on quicksilvers to the shocking tiles.

Something spawn here if you turn on the light room~

"The body-guards outside there are not happy..."

Recommend to let them in and eliminate them after closed the door. Surprised

"Now test your pot throwing skill dude!"

The switch is beside the rockets launchers, all guns are unable to reach there except blaster or pulsar/catalyzer line gun (well you must already did several run on IMF). Be smart on evade the rockets while grabbing the pot and throw it to the switch.

"I'm a switch addict."

{Party Note} Left 1 player on the beginning of the switch, hit the switch when everyone proceed to next section. Repeat this step until all members of party across this tunnel.

"More wild monsters appear!"

Don't forget to collect your loot at the north side after you've clear the room. Some people always forgot about it.

"I feel moar LOVE!"

This section too, the appearance of heart box is random here.

"They are everywhere, just like ants."

Lure it out, playing the switch while killing it is not fun.

"Lucky draw?"

Besides fighting 2 surgebots, appearance of that prize box is random too.

"Y U NO shooting out some love just like your lovely cousin?"

Same techniques like D15 crossroad, find the gaps between the bullets and eliminate it. Beware the surgebot spawn at shock titles when you approach the sparky.

"I love solving puzzle!"

A lot of players I've seen stuck at this little puzzle here. It is very simple, follow pic 1 and 2 and ... ... ta DA! Here you are. Very Happy

"We have camouflage too! Mind ya Rolling Eyes "

Exactly, those barrels can block retrode's laser. You can apply this on other clockworks too.



Part B: Railroad switch

The appearance of heart box there is random too. And the switch over there is a device for choosing your future. The default route is purple/north route.
Decision: I bet you will choose East route compare to North route after you have read the details below!

East/Yellow Route

"This is the epic moment for gremlins..."

Ouch! The huge waves of rockets are coming to us~ Our shield are not durable for blocking those rockets! (now return to this situation after patched)

"The gremlins now crying out loud because of their flaw design."

Pull out your vial, throw it to the switch at north side. Problem solved. Wink

"Pfff... The gremlins know our secret..."

***Extra Note: Apparently this technique doesn't work anymore since the patch updated the switch so that the rockets will still raining down although you have hit the switch at north side.

"Something looks familiar..."

This section is same with Purple/North road path too. Embarassed Don't forget the prize box hide behind the grey rocket.

"We are electric."

It is easier than Purple/North road path because the monsters have divided into smaller size, make it safer to kill.

"2nd Rocket Race!"

Yes, you gotta love it before you hate it.

"Rockets, Rocket, Rocket, Rocke, Rock, Roc..."

After you press the green button, rain of rockets come from right side and attempt to slow you down. However compare to purple/north route, this fixed rocket waves can be predicted by observing the rockets launchers' animations. You can go though this path evens without shielding.
{Party Note} Same technique applied on this path, send 1 decoy Razz to disable the rocket and the others wait until whole machines stop.

North/Purple Route
Now I should really ask:
"Are you serious?"

Hit the red switch so that the shocking tiles will disable. And also, Race with Rockets no.2!

"Ouch! It is really hurt!"

***[Update] Extra Warning: the vertical rockets will still active although you've triggered the switch. Make the rocket run much much more difficult to avoid taking damage.

"I regret to choose this route."

Yup, race with Rockets no.3...

"Follow mah lead! Charge!"

It is frustrated that when you wait beside the shocking titles until it wears off, the monsters already spawned and they start firing to your face, force you to retreat. Time it right on the green-rocket-button and straight away charge into the fight without a wait at shocking tiles.

"The snipers are waiting me!"

The wave of monsters here stick together unlike East/Yellow route.
Caution: Do not step on the red button there until all monsters eliminated.

"Fog of War?"

Although the rocket waves are fixed, the rockets' locations tend to be much ahead of what you can see unlike the predicable rocket launchers from East/Yellow route. Shield it when you see the rockets close to you.
{Party Note} Hide behind the wall while waiting one of the party member disable the machines.

"Can we take a break?"

The appearance of prize boxes and heart boxes are random here too. Where is the rocket disabling button you ask? Well when someone reach here the machine automatically shutting down. This section is the end point of both routes.



Part C: Rock Switching Room

"Stone blocks, you saw that before. Where is the rock jelly?"

For switch-man, trigger the switches and let those rockets break the stone block until one of the rocket hit the ghost block. Step on the red buttons at the left/right corner is your task.
{Questionable} I've seen some guys keep hitting the switches to destroy the stone block before battle. Well this isn't help that much because the position of ghost block is much farther (you can destroy 2 blocks with heavy sword) and it is a waste of time.

"Communication is a key to success too ya know!"

That's OK that your party didn't choose a switch-man from the beginning at all, but you should open your mouth at least at this room so that everyone knows what they are going to do during the fight.

When the fight began, 3 of the spawn tiles will spawn retrode, mecha-knight, surgebot according to the pic. The defenders should attack these constructs while protecting the switch-man from getting harm. These constructs will drop hearts randomly.
{Tips for solo-er} Bring along a freezing vaporizer which keeps them alive and glued on the floor
helps alot during switching, if you didn't have the bomb, shield bump is enough while keeping your eyes on the blocks.

"We need to block the malfunctioning toilet bowls, or else you're responsible to clean up the mess!"

{Condition Party Note} This technique can be only used when there are 4 members in a party, the defenders should quickly destroy all constructs and start shielding on the spawn tiles to block them from re-spawn again. This make the switch-man done their job easier.


If one of the button pressed, a spawn tile disappear.

"Too late, gremlins." XD

When 2 buttons pressed, all spawn tiles have been destroyed and the gremlins reinforcement coming from south.

"Can I hug those huge laser cannon? It is awesome!"

You are not going to play around with it, don't you? Hit the switch to block the laser and access to the elevator, finally we reach the boss!

END OF Depth 16

Depth 17 - Ironclaw Munitions Factory
The Roarmulus Twins


The Roarmulus Twins
Before you attempt the boss, a very important tips to remember: PATIENCE!
This is because unlike Royal Jelly which is pretty straight forward, the twins need some time to make them vulnerable to attack which all depending on the skill of switch-man.

Switch-man, here is your responsibility to take down this boss!

"The twins have no hands, how they place all the boxes in 1 second?!"

Green - Breaks these boxes and enjoy the switch-man's show.
Purple - Do not break these boxes as the actions will awake those surgebots. Make your life difficult.
Yellow - Optional boxes to be destroyed. The boxes at the center can act as camouflage from electric projectiles. You can destroy the boxes on the left/right side for taking cover (more details see below) =pending=

"Ahhh... I figured out now, the twins are killing each other!"

This is a perfect example of switching done by Roarjr, which let whole waves of rockets travel to another side. This is 100% stun one of the twin. Normally the knights shall keep the shield up during the waiting time.
(to avoid random electric balls hit you)


When rockets hit one twin, a yellow arrow appear. It became stunned and vulnerable of attacks for 3-4 seconds before it wake up again.

"Get ready chief, we're ready to open fire!"

If you notice the formation of rocket, it looks like it is a fail attempt to stun one of the twins...
But it works! Rockets canceled each other while successfully stunned the twins. The fact is the rocket launcher of the twins are further than the hitbox of the twins. =pending for diagram explanation=

"We told you to keep your face covered!"

After some damage took by one of the twins, it will started the purple shield which totally protected from any attacks (including the other twin's rockets)and start moving upside down, and waking those sleeping surgebots. Now we should target another twin while keep the newly re-spawn surgebots busy...

Note: Boss new ability unlocked. The shielded twin will launch airstrike attack, but not frequently. Shield it if you cannot run away from the red circle.

"So near yet so far..."

This require some patience while hoping the shielded twin stay at middle instead of top/bottom side.

Pro-tips for Phase 1: Make sure that both twin taken similar damage instead of focusing on one side. This shorten the amount of time needed to reach Phase 2.


"It is unbelievable that we can damage those ironhead by poking sticks!"

Now you've reach Phase 2, both of the twins are now moving upside down and all the surgebots will be awaken. It become harder to coordinate which twins should be attacked.
Pro-tips: PREDICT where the twins will go since the twins will move unlike in phase 1.

"Watch the ceiling! Cover yer head!"

The twins now will launch airstrike aimlessly and frequently. Unlike phase 1, they're doing this attack without shielded.

"Ultimate weapon revealed, I wish I have 1!"

Same theory applied on Phase 1, when one twins received huge amount of damage, the head is protected by purple shield and its new ability unlocked. Normally the laser will be launched from bottom or from top, and the laser could damage the annoying surgebots as well, so feel free to shield bump the surgebots to the laser~

{Party Note} DO NOT trigger the switch while one of the twins is firing laser. That action will cause huge damage to other party members who hiding behind the wall.


"Look at that twins' rage faces, I think they get trolled!"

Now you reach final phase of boss battle, the twins now are in very low HP but the actions speed is greatly increased.

"Taking fire need assistance!"

Whole moves and attack animations of the twins are shorten and they use their ability (airstrike/laser) much more commonly compare to previous phase. Prepare to take care on waves of surgebots while evading the rockets/airstrike etc.

Switchman Note: If position of both twins are different, PREDICT where one of them will go after the series of attack. However, if position of both twins are the same, it is hardly to do any stuns on one of them because they won't stay long on the lane after their attack (except launching airstrike).

"I'm gotta become a sandwich now... Shocked "

{Rare condition} Normally it only happen when both of the twins decide to launch the duo-lasers strike. Cause you impossible to hide without shielding.
{How to counter} Put all your hopes on your shield and start moving opposite direction depends on the lasers. For instance, the lasers are moving from bottom to top, and the player should shielding while moving downward.


Because of the twins are moving too fast, this situation will happens sometimes.
{Questionable} If both of the twins are stunned and become vulnerable, do the damage counted when all party members attacking both sides? (Investigating...)

"Oh yeah! Like a boss~"

The boss will be defeated after 2/3 stuns with focused attacks. And now you can get 2~5 exclusive bark modules from it! Congrats!

I'm here wish you good luck and having fun on IMF/ICMF run!

END OF [The Roarmulus Twins]

===Change Logs===
12 Dec 2011 - Changing guide based on stealth patch
25 Dec 2011 - Finalizing guide

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Re: [Guide] Ironclaw Munitions Factory

Post  Zenrox on Sat Nov 12, 2011 7:10 pm

Special thanks to Roarjr and Sativa GM for experiencing speed IMF run Smile

Embarassed Reserved Post for future use. Embarassed

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Re: [Guide] Ironclaw Munitions Factory

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ZEN! This looks super awesome! Hope to see the other parts up soon! Very Happy



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Re: [Guide] Ironclaw Munitions Factory

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