Ohai, I didn't see you there~

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Ohai, I didn't see you there~ Empty Ohai, I didn't see you there~

Post  Superkamote on Sun Feb 24, 2013 12:50 pm

The name's mote, Superkamote. It means super, which means super, and "kamote", which means sweet po-ta-to(I'm not edible though, sorry to disappoint).

I'm in the Philippines ( GMT+8 ), CompSci graduate, programmer, and technician. For those that I've met only recently, I'm an old soggy Oat, just like some officers you have here currently (I'm pointing my fingers at you Veo) but was in a hiatus for about 2 years~ish(?). I'm very impatient when it comes to equips, which is a curse of mine, because I always make an impulse decisions in buying stuff, which is usually followed by guilt and remorse. :'p

Mah Likes: peace and quiet, sleeping, monnies, OakKeepers, potatoes(thank you God for inventing these!!one!), burgers, bananas, mushrooms, and PIES and CAEK!! all kinds of PIES and CAEK!1

Dislikes: Love Puppies(Drag them to hell! Evil or Very Mad ), lag(the usual), buyer's remorse, and cauliflowers

Before ending this post, and following Mary's tradition of posting silly pictures, here's a photo of a wee~ old me, failing at Flight Class 101, enjoy Smile

Ohai, I didn't see you there~ Img_0610


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