Myr here! A little about me!

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Myr here! A little about me!

Post  Myr on Wed May 11, 2011 11:03 am

Hello there. I might be known on spiral knights as Myr or Miry, so hey
I guess some of you guys (and girl) know me Very Happy

I joined oathkeepers cuz its sounded FUN, heck, I was right. My guildies are awesome Cool

I tend to go on solo tier1 depth but I doubt I could survive the tier2 depths alone for very long! Hahahahahaha!

I prefer the larger blades (I use a kamarin) or weapons with some reach ( Yeah, I know the gun have reach, but once again Im talking about the larger blades)

I think this is a pretty fun guild, we may not be the biggest or the most powerful, but atleast its fun and we all cooperate.

Some stuff about me: Im 5'10 in height, Im in the philippines. I got started on spiral knights cuz I saw a friend playing it. I love making fun of some of my guild members, but its nothing personal!

Anyways, peaceout! My IGN is miryxian!

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Re: Myr here! A little about me!

Post  Caelifer on Sat May 14, 2011 4:18 am

Myr :O
Glad to have you around, myr! Who's your friend? Make them join too!

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