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Post  Caelifer on Wed Jun 15, 2011 1:06 am

These have been posted up on the recruitment thread for some time, so now here are the list of Guild Rules in all its glory:

Guild Rules

I. Act with civility while you carry the guild name.
II. No slurring, racial or otherwise.
III. Be respectful and courteous to other players, this includes people outside the guild.[1]
IV. Do not spam guild chat, or use it to discuss touchy topics like politics or religion.
V. Strictly no begging, or harassment of other members of the guild.[2]

[1] This includes kicking guild members from your party without valid reason.
[2] This includes repeatedly asking others for crowns, CE, or any other service (e.g. Boss runs).

Mist Well Rules (Veterans)

Veterans are limited to a withdrawal of 300 mist a week*. Only members who have contributed CE to the well are exempt to this rule, and are free to withdraw any mist that said deposit entitles them. Exceptions can be made if a valid reason is given, but must first be allowed by a member of the Officer body.

*This amount is not accumulative, i.e. if you don't withdraw the amount in one week, you cannot withdraw 600 in the following week.


Failure to adhere to the rules will be severely frowned upon, and Caelifer will cry a little.

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