My pc is on vacation

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My pc is on vacation Empty My pc is on vacation

Post  Zenrox on Mon Jul 25, 2011 6:51 am

My computer was injected by serious virus last Friday, and now it still on vacation in computer shop. Crying or Very sad
After some research on the virus's behavior, I do found out that those virus are coming from Facebook chat spam (for example: "Hi, how are you? Wanna some laugh?") and I believed it was my lit cousin who doesn't have any basic security awareness clicked the link. (He said he doesn't do anything on the computer! Screw him Evil or Very Mad )

Anyway, I cannot logon SK during this period, so do forgive me for my absent... Sleep
Happy punch Punch~

P/S: Arghh... I want those CE priced with 5000+ , who can help me to grab some? Razz

My pc is on vacation Ffcc_e11

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