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Been gone awhile Empty Been gone awhile

Post  Myr on Sun Jul 31, 2011 4:43 am

Hey folks, its me Miry.
I havent seen much action in awhile.. been pretty busy.
How is everybody?
I couldnt find the time to play recently cuz of school work.
Also I've been kinda busy with my social life.. Trying to fix it.
Sorry I dont play much SK at all anymore, I've been taking up some hobbies like writing and studying psychology! I think Im gonna end up as a Psychotherapist, cuz everybody talks to ME about their problems and asks ME for advice.. hahaaha

Oh yeah, theres this guy whos kinda cute..hes pretty BIG too. Got kinda close to him and whenever I got out to party or something he's always looking after me making sure I dont get wasted or taken advantage of, its really nice of him..Its like I have a 6'1 Bodyguard,he kinda looks like somebody who ought to be on a football team

@Cael: Rock on!
@Mary: Kickass!
Anyways, I just found some spare to open the forums, so I just decided to post something.

Love y'all!

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