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Guild Storage Guidelines Empty Guild Storage Guidelines

Post  sTartar on Sat Mar 23, 2013 2:17 pm

The guild hall offers both members storage and veteran storage areas to guild members depending on rank. These storage areas are meant to be a useful benefit for all guild members. It's another one of the perks of being an Oathkeeper. Storage areas rely on the generous donations of others to exist. Obviously, for storage to benefit anyone they need to be able to withdraw and use the items stored within. The following guidelines will ensure that the storage areas remain useful to all.

1. Feel free to use items stored in any storage area that you can access based on your rank.

2. Be considerate of other guild members when making withdrawals such as not taking large quantities of one particular material.

3. If you need a particular item and withdraw it, please try to donate other items of similar star level or rarity. By trying to give at least as much as you take the storage inventory will continue to grow.

4. Items should not withdrawn merely to sell them. These donations are not meant to be used by other members for personal profit.

5. Abuse of storage privileges may result in a demotion of rank or expulsion from the guild.

By following these guidelines the storage areas will continue to grow and benefit all members.


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