How was yourday people?!?

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How was yourday people?!?

Post  Myr on Thu May 12, 2011 9:02 am

Woke up with a golden retreiver humping my leg!
Then I packed some stuff and went on a day trip to the beach
Got lost and I asked for directions but
I dont speak filipino!!! Hahahahhaha!!

Later that day....
Screaming for my life 700 feet in the air! Hanging from some rope suspended from the side of a cliff!

Even later that day....
Finally got to the beach, I went snorkeling and now Im covered in jelly fish stings!! But it was worth it seeing the fish upclose in the coral reef!

Headed home my cousin's dog ran out the gate and ran away! I had to chase it for almost 3km on foot and drag it back! Believe me, not easy pulling a 150lbs golden retriever for 3km!

But now I get to kickback and relax...
How about you guys??

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