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Post  Zeka on Sun Dec 09, 2012 8:01 am

Ranks are not final and may be subject to further changes in the future:

The Rankings*
Recruit >> Knights still venturing within Tier 1, or those who have been demoted for misconduct.
Member >> Knights that have achieved Tier 2 access, and have been in the guild for a minimum of two days.
Veteran >> Dedicated Knights who have conquered the Clockworks, amassed a full arsenal of 5★ Gear, attained the rank of "Vanguard", and have been in the guild for a minimum of four days. [*]

[*] The veteran rank requirements are currently under review. Any changes, if/when implemented, will be announced via guild message.

If your current rank does not correctly reflect the rankings above, please approach any Officer or Guild Master so that we may amend it.

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